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Amirian - 8 September 02:41

Seduction kitty recherche homme pour le flamme communication!

Vowles - 18 June 08:11

Menu Publier?

Jinny - 1 December 19:10

Side note: I wonder how excited Connor Manning will be that you included his horror story in the video. Pretty cool. I mean the misinformation isn't.never mind.bye.

Alejandro - 19 December 12:59

My sex ed class was made fun. Actually we were having laughs instead of being uncomfortable. Our teacher Mr. Holmes was willing to answer any question even if he had to research it in the middle of class. I knew mostly about sex and what not cause my mom taught me, only because my previous school didn't offer sex ed until after I left for a new school my sophmore year. So I didn't get real sex ed til 10th grade. My experience was awesome. not ment to sound perverted.

Huddleson - 17 December 09:33

Can u use a condom instead of a glove for some of these?

Jonathon - 26 July 12:30

OMG what a great girlfriend you have.

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